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    Best Value Jackets Under $50

    We're right in between the winter and spring seasons right now. The biggest question that men ask during this time is: "What jacket do I wear?" The answer is quite simple. You will want to roll with a lighter jacket and layer up. The layers should keep you warm in the morning, cool during the day and warm during the evening. Makes sense, right?

    We have two jackets (that won't break the bank) in our collection that will get the job done for this "in-between" season. And the best part? They're both under $50. You can save an additional 25% by using the code CLOSEOUT at checkout. 


    1. Black Wool Jacket with Nylon Quilting (Sale: $49.99, Original: $198)

    A $198 jacket may not be for everyone... unless it's marked down to under $50. This jacket allows you to layer confidently and comfortably. We took wool and added quilted nylon blocks in all the right areas to keep you warm (when you're outside) and to provide a pop of fashion. Without a doubt, it's the most versatile jacket available.


    2. Black Light Bomber Jacket (Sale: $49.99, Original $118)

    Simplicity is key. This is your classic bomber silhouette with elegance. Throw it over a solid tee, or dress it over a patterned shirt. In any occasion it will be your go to. 

    Cardigans That Won’t Make You Look Like Mr. Rogers

    Let’s be real. Cardigans have been around since the 1920s and are often times associated with grandfathers (yikes). Cocktails are an old-time classic, too, but people don’t get flack for ordering it. Truthfully, cardigans aren’t dated – it’s just that men don’t know how to properly style a cardigan. It’s a versatile button-down sweater that works for many occasions. We’ve broken down two different looks so that you can find the right cardigan for you.


    The Casual Look

    For a more laid-back look, you can simply pair the cardigan with a t-shirt and jeans. The key here is to leave the cardigan unbuttoned and roll-up both sleeves (classic cuffed shirt roll works best). Wear a watch and your favorite solid color sneakers to complete the look.

    The Sophisticated Look

    Today, cardigans are more of a statement piece. When you wear a cardigan to work, your coworkers will think: “This guy is getting his job done.” You can easily throw on a cardigan over your favorite dress shirt. Want to take it up a notch? Button-up the cardigan and wear a tie. Now, this is a look that will turn heads.

    Easy, right? Cardigans are making a comeback and we’re here to help you get ahead of the trend. View our cardigan collectionNow, go out and have some fun...

    What to Wear to Impress your Valentine's Day Date

    Buy 1 item and get the second item 50% off through 2/17. Use coupon code VDAY at checkout.


    For a long time, Valentine’s Day fashion has been centered on women. Every store and shopping website will be advertising sexy red dresses, flirty burgundy tops and whatever else our female counterparts need to look and feel all dolled up for the big day.

    Men’s fashion, on the other hand, is grossly neglected during the season of love. Just throw a bowtie and jacket on it and you get a free pass. It is safe to say that, as fashion and gender norms evolve, it is time that dudes get their chance in the spotlight. You do not have to look like you walked out of a high fashion catalogue, but you can definitely spruce things up a bit to make a lasting impression. Here is a guide on how to do just that.


    5 Hyden Yoo tops that are real head turners


    Best Dress Shirt

    Connor Shirt Blue (Sale Price: $50, Original Price: $150)

    This shirt has a very traditional Italian suit look to it. With the high-quality materials, precise cut and slim fit design, it will have you ready for any occasion. It is also designed such that you can wear it either tucked in or out. Whether it is a wine tasting date or a night in, this sharp dress shirt will get the job done (and more).  

    Pair it up with…

    We recommend pairing this shirt with dark jeans and a Grey Wool Coat. This look allows you to truly appreciate the dark tone of the shirt. If you are feeling experimental, you can also add a light-colored tie with a quirky pattern.

    Best Dress Shirt

    Connor Shirt Grey (Sale Price: $50, Original Price: $150)

    This is a lot like the Italian fit shirt already described above. The only difference is that it comes in a beautiful light shade of grey. This creates a completely different aesthetic with a more casual and laid back feel to it. 

    Pair it up with…

    A dark slim tie is ideal for this outfit. It creates a nice sharp contrast that brings out the beauty of the grey threads even more. Complete the look by pairing it with dark jeans and our Black Wool Jacket.

    Cardigan Blazer

    Mélange Cardigan Blazer Grey (Sale Price: $40, Original Price: $125)

    This cardigan is made from an amazing blend of cotton and acrylic. This makes it light and comfortable yet warm. It is the perfect layering piece for a night out. It is not just any old cardigan as it features unique little details including a skinny notched lapel to the elbow patches and buttoned cuffs, a notched collar design and front patch pockets.

    Pair it up with…

    This piece would go well with a light t-shirt if you are going for a more casual vibe. If you want something sharper, then pair it up with a collared shirt and a dark tie. Both looks go well with our customer-favorite Black Rain Jacket.

    Polo Shirt

    Collared Grey Sweater ($88)

    This sweater has a simple polo style neckline in navy and 3 front buttons. It is 100% Cotton which makes it super comfortable and durable.

    Pair it up with…

    Dark pants go really well with the navy collar. Pair it with our Light Wool Jacket for the perfect Valentine's Day lunch or dinner date look.

    Soft Sweatshirt Soft Sweater

    Military Green Hacci Sweatshirt (Sale Price: $50, Original Price: $88)

    This is one of Hyden Yoo’s famous buttery soft sweatshirts made from spandex, rayon and polyester. It features a beautiful military green color for a nice dark and romantic effect. You’ve been warned – your date will have a hard time keeping their hands off of you (no really, a handful of our customers told us so!),

    Pair it up with…

    Layer a light bomber jacket and throw on a pair of dark shade jeans and you are ready to roll. Don't forget the flowers though.


     Best Dress Shirt

    Big Day; Big Statement - How To Choose The Right Outfit


    • Out of your comfort zone

    Do not be boring and predictable. Put together an outfit that your date will not see coming. It doesn’t even have to be completely new from head to toe. You can simply come up with a bold new pairing of stuff you already own.

    • Great fit

    Fitting is everything in fashion. So make sure that you get the right size for your shirt and pants. This will give you a clean and well put together look and also accentuates all your best features.

    • Dark romantic colors

    Stay in line with the romantic vibes by going for darker colors. You could go the gothic romance route with a predominantly black ensemble. Or you can play it a little safer with dark blue grey or even red pieces.

    • Experimental patterns

    It is not every day you get an excuse to try something new in terms of fashion. So take advantage of the season to experiment with patterns. You could do anything from stripes to polka dots. It will definitely leave a lasting impression on your date.

    • Layer up

    This is great for two reasons. Number one is the fact that extra layers add an extra dynamic touch to any outfit. The second reason is that the layers, whether it is a scarf or jacket, give you a chance to be romantic when it gets chilly outside. Win-win.


    You are now fully equipped with all the information that you need to match what will definitely be a fire ensemble from your date. Putting in that extra effort to look nice for him or her will definitely go a long way towards making the day more special. So use the tips provided to choose the ideal shirt to go with your V-day outfit. Hyden Yoo will definitely not disappoint. The best part? Buy 1 item, you'll get the second item 50% off through 2/17. Just use coupon code VDAY at checkout. Enjoy!

    5 Budget Menswear Pieces Worth Buying

    Menswear is one of the most underrated aspects of the fashion industry. There is this notion that to get something stylish as a dude, you have to sell a kidney or rob a bank. Ok, that’s probably a bit of an exaggeration but you get the point.

    However, there is so much more to what is on offer than fancy bespoke suits and high end designer kicks. There are a bunch of amazing designers out there with killer collections available at pretty amazing prices. Hyden Yoo is one such artist and his winter menswear collection is definitely worth spending money on. Here are the tip 5 pieces and a little more on what makes this brand truly stand out on the market.

    5 Pieces You Need In Your Wardrobe

    Use coupon code HY25 to get an additional 25% off your purchase through 1/31.


    1. Olive Wool Military Jacket (Sale: $99)

    This military jacket has a very Sherlock Holmes meets Military Joe vibe to it with the jungle green, zip cover and mid-thigh cut. It features a front zip closure for easy and convenient fastening. It also has slant zippers over the chest which though not functional definitely add something unique to the piece. Finally, with the stiff stand collar and heavy weight material and deep pockets you are guaranteed to be super warm as well as stylish all winter long.  All you have to do is dry clean it every once in a while and you will have one of the most stylish winter jackets out there for a very long time.

    2. Hacci Sweatshirt ($88)

    Winter sweatshirts are a cold season staple and this is definitely one you will not regret buying. It comes in a beautiful grey shade that will be perfect for all occasions. Put it on with some blue jeans and a pair of sneakers and you are good to go out. Pair it with some sweats and chunky socks and you are set for your snow day in. Another great thing that you would have to buy this sweater to appreciate is just how amazing it feels. This is because of the materials used including 55% Polyester, 39% Rayon, and 6% Spandex which leave it feeling like a warm buttery hug.

    3. Knitted Crossover Hoodie ($88)

    Crossover hoodies are all the rage these days. With their perfect combination of functionality and style it really isn’t so hard to see why. This specific Hyden Yoo piece comes in a beautiful navy blue shade with horizontal stripes giving it an amazing casual vibe. It also has a ribbed cuff design ensuring a snug fit and securing its ranking as one of the best and most affordable winter sweaters.

    4. Sherpa Jacket ($98)

    If you are in the market for stylish winter jackets then you can rest assured that you will never go wrong with a Sherpa. These super warm, super soft and super stylish pieces complete any look whether formal or casual. The double white stripes on the ribbed cuffs and hem also give it a great varsity aesthetic. So if you are looking for a few extra cool points then this is a great piece to consider.

    5. Hacci Navy Long Sleeved Crew ($44)

    One of the best things about Hyden Yoo pieces is the quality of materials you get. This piece stands out as one of the best and most affordable sweaters on his catalogue for this reason. It is made from the same 55% Poly, 39% Rayon, and 6% Spandex combination that makes the Hacci sweatshirt so popular. The sweater is available in navy blue with black cuffs and a black hem for a more fashion-forward look.


    About the Hyden Yoo brand

    Hyden Yoo has lived quite the life working everywhere from the fitness industry to retail. He initially intended on being a doctor and even went as far as taking a premed Biology degree course at the University of Chicago. Long story short, that didn’t work out and after striking gold on Fear Factor, he decided to launch the Hyden Yoo menswear brand. Needless to say, it has been quite the success bringing pieces worth every penny to the men everywhere. Here is a little more on what makes his brand stand out and worth investing in.

    • High quality guaranteed

    The materials used to make all the pieces are of very high quality. This ensures that whatever you are getting not only looks and feels amazing but will serve you for a really long time.

    • The pieces are unique

    This is not just another one of those generic menswear brands with nothing to offer but functionality. With Hyden himself in charge of the brand’s creative unit, you are guaranteed one of a kind pieces.

    • Perfect balance

    Hyden Yoo pieces are the perfect balance of boundary-pushing genius and mainstream acceptability. This makes them ideal if you want to make a fashion statement without being too scandalous.

    • Affordable

    This is definitely the icing and the cherry on top of this already amazing cake. You get to enjoy the high quality and the unique nature of this pieces of art without having to go broke.

    Bottom line

    There is no denying the fact that Hyden Yoo is on to something with his pieces. Whether it is a stylish warm jacket for that evening event or a hoodie for your casual daytime date, you can rest assured that his pieces are worth it. If you are already sold on what you’ve seen, you can use the promo code “HY25” to get an additional 25% off purchase. So get to shopping.



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